Maintenance Engineer

Salary: ₹15,000.00 /month

Job Summary

Post: Maintenance Executive


Experience (in years):3-5


Contact: 08793740165 / 08446240165, Placement Services in Nashik, Pune and Mumbai/ Impact HR n KM Solutions,


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Responsibilities and Duties

  • Inspect hotel regularly to ensure it meets safety standards
  • Arrange for routine maintenance in hotel rooms, lobbies and facilities (e.g. kitchens, tennis courts)
  • Organize repair projects in a manner that does not disturb guests
  • Plan and oversee renovations and construction
  • Act fast to resolve emergency issues (e.g. power outages)
  • Find ways to reduce hotel operating costs and conserve energy
  • Supervise team ofMaintenance TechniciansandJanitors
  • Manage relationships with contractors and service providers
  • Maintain budgets, expenses and activity logs

Qualifications and Skills

  • Proven experience as a Hotel Maintenance Manager orMaintenance Supervisor
  • In-depth knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • Familiarity with plumbing, electrical, sewer and HVAC systems; hotel industry experience is a plus

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