IT Executive

Nashik, Maharashtra

Job Summary

No. of vacancies:2

Department: IT

Experience: 1 – 2 years

Salary: 8000 – 15000

Contact: 08793740165 / 08446240165, Placement Services in Nashik, Pune and Mumbai/ Impact HR n KM Solutions,


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Responsibilities and Duties

  • Ability to install and troubleshoot all Microsoft windows systems currently used. (XP, Win7, Win8,Win 10). Also installation and setting up and troubleshooting on Linux and Ubuntu
  • Ability to install and troubleshoot all types of PC hardware, branded and assembled.
  • Ability to hook-up and troubleshoot Internet connectivity on PCs/Networks.
  • Ability to install various PC application programs commonly used.
  • Ability to install and troubleshoot wired and wireless routers.
  • Understanding and ability to troubleshoot E-mail related functionalities including outlook.
  • Thorough understanding of Internet connection technologies and methods.
  • Installation and troubleshooting of Windows, Linux servers
  • Thorough understanding of Tally Accounting Software installation and troubleshooting.
  • Ability to work on windows Domain based network. User account creation / access permission
  • Ability to install and trouble shoot network printers.
  • Network point I/O crimping, Punching and building up LAN, installation of Network rack.
  • Basic knowledge for troubleshooting and configuration of entry level firewalls.
  • Ability to install and manage various antivirus with centralized admin console.
  • Reasonable communication skills to talk politely with users and vendors.
  • Ability to install and manage firewall.
  • Ability to install and manage Network Attached Storage devices.
  • Installation and troubleshooting of CCTV & IP Camera.
  • Looking for HW/NW system administrator.
  • Hardware & Networking certified in mandatory.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications


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