State Coordinator

Nashik, Maharashtra

Job Summary

State Coordinator

Experience: 1 Year in back office and coordinating big team having good hand in MS office.

Qualification: MBA / Graduate

Contact: 08793740165 / 08446240165, Placement Services in Nashik, Pune and Mumbai/ Impact HR n KM Solutions,


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Responsibilities and Duties

• Provide oversight for entire CDR Program including development, promotion and implementation. • Coordinate project activities including analyzing project needs, developing and monitoring work plans and timelines; writing progress and evaluation reports. • Organize, develop and maintain local child death review teams throughout the state. • Advocate for the implementation of child death review findings and recommendations. • Identify and review system problems related to the child health, safety and protection arena. • Advocate for support of prevention programs. • Assist policymakers in developing or amending laws; provide data as requested; prepare policy briefs when needed. • Promote better communication among agencies at the state-level, between state and local levels and among the different local jurisdictions. • Examine child death trends and issues. • Advocate for the enhancement of the review process. • Collect child death review case reports and child mortality data. • Develop state child death review reports. • Link local child death review teams with prevention resources and strategies.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

MBA / Graduate

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