Executive Assistant- Urgent

Salary: ₹300,000.00 to ₹500,000.00 /year

Job Summary
Should be a Male, between 24-28 years of age with at least 3-4 years of experience in any industry in
similar position. The candidate should be based in Nasik (or ready to shift his family base to Nasik for
this job). He should be a tech-savvy person with ability to multitask & keep focus on priorities &
deadlines. He should be soft-spoken yet assertive & should be able to support the CMO to ensure
that his tasks / commitments are finished efficiently & on time.

Contact: 08793740165 / 08446240165, Placement Services in Nashik, Pune and Mumbai/ Impact HR n KM Solutions,
Source: www.placementservices.co
Responsibilities and Duties
§ Checking CMO’s emails, defining the priorities for action & responding to emails after checking
the responses with CMO verbally
§ Reading out the emails if director is out of office, articulating responses and ensuring they are
sent in given timelines
§ Managing CMO’s official calendar & ensuring meetings are organised in efficient manner
§ Helping CMO to review the daily, weekly & monthly reports from the Sales & Marketing Team
§ Collating data shared by team members, providing analysis to CMO & making reports
§ Helping CMO plan his travel schedule & managing his travel & stay bookings
§ Maintaining official accounts of CMO & ensuring that necessary vouchers & bills are submitted
to accounts
§ Attending meetings with CMO, taking notes & then sharing the Minutes of Meeting
§ Maintaining utmost secrecy about the conversations, discussions, meeting memos & emails that
are witnessed

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications
Should be conversant with office productivity software like Word, Excel, Power Point & Outlook.
Having worked on Apple operating systems (MacOS, iOS, iPadOS) would be an added advantage.
Good Communication Skills with fluency over English. Should be able to articulate his thoughts &
communicate the same in written format well.
Should have his passport ready as the job may involve frequent travel too.

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