Computer Software & Hardware Faculty (teacher)


Job Summary

Organize, maintain and manage class systems in proper working condition.Teach students and learners to use computers.Design and develop appropriate computer instructional material.Manage and monitor student ehavior.!nitiate and implement systems, procedures and other student management issues.Develop and implement lesson plans and classroom activities in consistent with the student managementissues.Determine and trouleshoot technology services, “or sta#.$oordinate and collaorate with head teacher, principal and teachers.!ntegrate special lesson plans with core academic curriculum.%elp students learn di#erent computer&related skills ased on grade&level;(
For post-secondary instructor.

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Responsibilities and Duties
teach advanced programs and computer analysis.’plain complicated ideas and principles with understandale language;Manage a classroom with groups o” students while making sure that individuals comprehend the conceptseplained;Do student assessment and evaluation ased on rurics;$onduct training and provide hands&on activities to take place in laoratory setting.
Teach and explain basic concepts in computer science and more specialized facts regarding complex software;Coach and teach in the field of computer science or of related subjects;Lead courses of certain software like Internet browsers and MS ffice;!e attenti”e to the students# acti”it$ and progress;%i”e constructi”e& timel$ feedback and e”aluate students’ work;!e moti”ated and passionate about the passing of knowledge to others(
Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

MCA, M. Tech (Computer ), BE (IT), BCA

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