Hardware Engineer


Job Summary


Computer hardware engineers are responsible for the hardware configuration of a computer. They update systems by improving the components, layout and design of a computer for increased efficiency. They are expected to increase the speed and function of the computer. They also design the most compact and cost-effective model possible

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Responsibilities and Duties

Hardware engineers work in industrial plants, production facilities or research laboratories. They may work individually or as part of a team of designers and technicians.

These engineers spend much of their time studying existing models in order to detect flaws and inconsistencies as well as pinpoint areas of improvement. They use their technical and applied mathematical skills for troubleshooting. Based on their findings, as well as their creative abilities, they will then devise more advanced computer systems.

It is essential that engineers have excellent technical writing skills in order to document their findings. They are expected to submit reports analyzing problems along with recommendations for improvements. They may also be required to create blueprints of enhanced versions of the system. Engineers will select additional equipment to support production of the modified computer. They will either write purchase orders or submit documentation to justify the recommendations for the specified equipment.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

BE Computer

Diploma Computer

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