Back Office Associate

Nashik, Maharashtra

Job Summary

his responsibility totally depends on the department in which he is working. The main responsibility of the back office assistant deal with the IT and technical phases, it includes support services, human resources and accounting. He provides the administrative support to the back office manager working with him. His major responsibilities involve clerical work, personal assistant to manager and secretarial services.

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Responsibilities and Duties

  • Back office assistant responsibility is answer all the calls routed and transfer them to the appropriate staff and members. His major responsibility is to distribute delivery packages and maintain all the records for staff office spaces, parking and company credit cards and office keys.
  • He perform some normal clerical duties such as faxing, reviewing, emailing and editing of some important documents and most importantly keeping all the records intact.
  • His responsibility is to research on the purchase and prices based on the supplies of furniture and on all the other equipments which are used in the office.
  • Monitor the usage of the equipments and ensure that everything is working in its perfect manner.
  • He has to keep a close look over all the equipments used in the office and takes a relevant action when any of the equipment doesn’t work properly.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications


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